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The Wright Gift 

We created an organization that gears towards mentorship, sponsorship and scholarship for young ladies, ages 12-18 years old, called “The Wright Gift.”


With this organization, our goal is the teach, practical skills to generate confidence and influence, over a lifetime. Through self awareness, self-confidence and defining self worth. Not only that, The Wright Ladies, helps create & define confident leaders, through diversity, inclusion, body image, relationships and peer to peer support. From college preparation and other trainings, to discovering new ideas and opportunities, such as learning how to get a job, buy a car, apply for college/scholarships, etc, preparing our future leaders, will be our top priority. 

Currently we have 6 individuals that are looking to get sponsored for prom. Hair, make up, shoes, etc. In addition, to mentorship.

No matter where you consider your physical address, you are able to still be a part of this organization, either on the giving or receiving side.  


Let me know how you would like to get involved or have a need.

I am ready to join in...

Please proceed by filling out the "The Wright Gift -Heart of Gold" form and be sure to subscribe to this site, to stay in the loop. 

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